Why do I use metal as my preferred format?

Jean Nored Cornell
February 2, 2024

I love taking photos. There is nothing in the world that is as satisfying as seeing what's in my frame and catching that image to share with all of you. It's a moment in time that I can capture to be enjoyed for years to come. It's what drives me.

I love looking at a landscape or a flower and harnessing the emotion, colors, and textures of this wonderous life we share, but taking the picture is only one part of the process. How I print the photograph and present it profoundly affects how the final image translates to that particular medium. If I print to photo paper, it is very different than if I print to canvas or all of the other options that we have. It's a big deal. I get the question often, "why do you print on metal?" Here's my answer.

I spend a lot of time and money traveling to remote locations and keeping my gear up to par. I do what it takes to get the images that I present. I spend hours getting it right or waiting for the perfect light. I say this so that you'll understand why it's important to me to create an image that is not only mind-blowing but in a format that will allow me to present it in its finest form, the most brilliant color accuracy, and that will last for years and years.

Because of its durable material and professional finish, metal art has immense longevity. It looks as new in 20 years as it did on day one. In addition to their longevity, metal prints are scratch-resistant and waterproof.

I work so hard to get these images. It's very important that they're brilliant and timeless. I hope this answers the question. I simply want the best format possible for my art and my clients, customers, and friends. Go check my work at https://jncmetalprints.com and shop with confidence that you are purchasing a piece of fine art photography that will last for your children and their children to enjoy.

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