Commercial Applications

JNC | MetalPrints are the perfect solution for commercial and healthcare applications. They are not only vivid and beautiful but very durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Being easily sanitized makes them perfect for hospitals, hotels, and restaurants where cleanliness is essential and foremost on our minds. 

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Hospitals and Clinics

Art provides benefits to patients and healthcare workers.

"Studies have proven that integrating the arts into healthcare settings helps to cultivate a healing environment, support the physical, mental, and emotional recovery of patients, communicate health and recovery information, and foster a positive environment for healthcare workers and caregivers that reduces stress and improves workplace satisfaction and employee retention."

Society for the Arts in Healthcare

Some of the documented benefits of participating in visual arts or art therapy activities include:

• Decreasing symptoms of distress and improving quality of life for women with cancer (Monti et al.,2006);
• Improving depression and influencing fatigue levels in cancer patients on chemotherapy (BarSela, Atid, Danos, Gabay, & Epelbaum, 2007);
• Reducing acute stress symptoms in pediatric trauma patients (Chapman, Morabito, Ladakakos, Schreier, & Knudson, 2001);
•Increasing support, psychological strength, and providing new insights about their cancer experience for individuals who participated in an art therapy/museum education program (Deane, Fitch, & Carman, 2000);
•Strengthening positive feelings, alleviating distress, and clarifying existential/spiritual issues for adult bone marrow transplant patients in isolation (Gabriel, Bromberg, Vandenbovenkamp, Kornblith, & Luzzato, 2001).

MetalPrints are easy to clean.

With cleanliness prevalent on our minds, it is exciting to have a germ-resistant option to hang on our walls, especially in public places. Jean's metal prints surfaces can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with various cleaners and disinfecting chemicals.

Unmatched chemical and stain resistance

JNC | MetalPrint surfaces provide protection equivalent to a closed-cell surface, making them chemical and stain resistance. They are the ideal option for spaces that demand the utmost hygienic cleanability and safety requirements. They ensure a safe environment for all who occupy the vicinity or have contact with the prints.

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Restaurants and Hotels

JNC | MetalPrints adds beauty and authentic personality to any décor. They are perfect for restaurants and hotels for their beauty and their ability to be easily cleaned and sanitized. Available in an array of sizes to fit any need and durable and scratch resistant for long life.

Quantity discounts are also available. Call or email us to discuss your specific needs.

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